Aug 2, 2009

Just Like Heaven

What resonates in one's life stays, long after everything is forgotten.

Here are some of my favorites (in alphabetical order, movies):
A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

Just Like Heaven

The Matrix
Pay It Forward
What Dreams May Come (See the previous blog about this one)
While You Were Sleeping

What are yours?

Aug 1, 2009

My Secret Garden

Sometimes in life, one simply chanced upon what's there all along.
It is with Secret Garden that I found my inner sanctuary more than a decade ago. Today, I revisited that sanctuary and am glad to find it there all along. The music of Secret Garden resonates with my soul (or should I say the other way round?).

The soul is something which is invisible and yet clearly real. We may be unconscious of it most of the time and yet there are times when it merges with the external world to bring forth something that can't be seen or touched but definitely can be felt. Today is that very day for me; not the first time, and definitely won't be the last time either. It is the first time I'm sharing with the world though...

Music that makes you feel so grateful to have come across it; Music that makes life worth it.
That's MY Secret Garden!

In images, What Dreams May Come touches my heart.
In songs, Secret Garden brings forth my soul.

Jun 8, 2009


Well, it's been hyper hot the last 2 days! I feel like I'm going to melt anytime soon.
For something cool, check out CoolIris... it's the best plugin I've come across so far. Viewing your photos (be it on Flickr, Picasaweb or your very own hardisk) is now a breeze... virtually, that is!